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Thanks, while I don’t think I use tilted horizons too much, maybe I just don’t notice it because it’s me. I do it a lot of times because I feel it adds a little more of a dynamic feel to an image, with angled lines helping to lead to the subject. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t, I think some images could work well either way. I probably picked that up from the photog I used to work for, she did that a lot. No they aren’t composites- some of mine are composites like when I have a family photo where I’ll take 10 of the same pose since somebody is always blinking or has a funny face, then I’ll carefully swap faces. I’ve done some composites with babies/kids though. I try to keep things looking as natural as possible… I see some fauxtogs literally photoshopping people onto backgrounds that they never were on in the beginning!