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Thanks for  replying and thanks for not taking my post the wrong way.

Anyway I was extremely open to why those two questions (not asked just by you) come up often. I was intrigued as to why this was the primary focus and, admittedly, I was annoyed that it seemed as though that people here are capping potentially new good photographers.

I agree with your comment on how Megan didn’t take critique very well. I think she’s riding on the fact that she has quite a few thousand likes on facebook which means that she’s made it big in the industry. I actually had quite a bit more than her on facebook but I deleted my account because, well  I was entering a new chapter [heading towards video work] and I ended up becoming too arrogant and concerned about the social media that I ended up taking photos to simply get more likes. I was shooting at this big concert event this year and after having won a competition in NZ Fashion Week, I was feeling quite proud of my level but I met the rest of the team. 7 Photographers who were just incredible. Sure I might be the best photographer in NZ for my level but I was the best in the measly Welterweight division and they were heavy weight boxers here. I  knew I had a long way to go. I was extremely humbled and honoured to be working with them.

However in saying that, I do agree with pretty much every commentary that you made about them but calling them faux. I understand that your concern is for the clients but i think that they are fantastic in their own right.

Lets use Megan as an example. Yes I do agree that she has a lot to work on, mainly her attitude on shooting. I haven’t met an artist who changes the style of their piece ever photo and hopes for the best. In fact there are two things that concerned me with what she said.

“I am inconsistant.. on purpose.. eeeeeek I know that sounds so bad.. but up until now I have always approached every single picture as art.. as a painting almost.. I do each one individually and not in order”

” but my focus is slightly off.. I should hold back from publically posting… you have said a pro would NEVER show someone an unperfect image.. well then I am not sure I want to be that kind of pro”

But based on those comments alone, I don’t think calling her a Faux is warranted. She stumbles on great photos but i don’t think  shes a faux because of it. I just think that she won’t mature which is really her loss.


Anyway. I’m getting really sleepy. I’ll wrap up.

In short I do agree with what you said and most of the commentaries that you made. I do agree that you can be real and be soo critical in doing so. I mean it’s a troll website anyway, people should expect to be burnt a little. But i just think that you’ve set the bar too high in being a “prof” photographer and if they dont’ reach that, i don’t think they are faux because of it.


I do appreciate what you said.
“If you want to be a photographer, I don’t want to discourage you, but I do have to get real with you. ”

thanks for your comment too. Yeah the only thing that I do change with my photographs are the colour grade. I’ve worked in lots of environments now and the most important thing is that you are consistant in your work. I would rather come out of a shoot with 100 above average photos than coming out with 100 average and 1 great photo.

anyway. sleepy time. me no making and sense anymore. sorry!! I’ll check up on this when it’s not 1 am.