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I’ve got to ask,  ’cause I don’t understand 500px’s Pulse calculation, how does Vancouver Trainyard manage to get 23 Likes and 13 Faves with only 12 Views?

It looks like it was shot through a window and the colours are quite muted, which seems counter to most of what I see on 500px.  I like the leading lines and boxes.  It has strong graphic elements.  The grain fits the mood.

I might be biased about In Port because Zaandam docked behind us in Juneau.  I wonder if it might have been better to back up a few more steps or take a few more steps along the shore away from the ship?   Another interesting shot of ships is straight on, looking at the bow.

Nice close up of the Maple Leaf!  Once again, I see it got 33 likes on only 27 views!  How does that work?  And it had a Highest Pulse of 90.5!