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Yes, I really like how images are displayed and protected. Somehow that score thing just bothers me. I may end up there again, but I need to go in with a different mind set, and not let things I see bother me so much. Turn a blind eye to the crap, and just pay attention to the positive that the site brings. Maybe turning off my notifications would help 😉

ultimately I want my own site and shop where I can self fulfill. Just haven’t taken the plunge yet. Right now I break even with my hobby, if I invest any more, then it changes the game a little, and I’d have to be more serious about marketing and the whole shebang. Blah

500px is still on the table for a place to show my port and 1x might be a contender as well (not sure if my images fit their niche though). Right now, I’m just procrastinating. I’m really good at that