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I know you wanted feedback, but… instead you got me started on wanting to talk about 500px oops!  sorry

about the veiws.  they are counted separately I believe.  There were lot’s of times when I got less views than likes or comments.  So I’m thinking just a view without likes or comments is counted as a view.  Once it’s liked its counted as a like

I joined not too long ago and already removed my account, after only a couple of weeks.  I was getting high scores and didn’t understand why, how, when I only got so many views, let alone votes/likes or comments.  I had my account set up to notify me through email when someone liked or commented on my photo.  Almost every single person that “voted” one of my images up (minus a handful) left generic comments or encouraged me to like their work.  I always looked  too.  I’d get to their page and then go check out their flow.  What did I find?  They liked, or voted up every single “fresh” photo that went up an hour or so within mine.  OK sooooo… WTH?!  Thanks but no thanks.  Lot’s of fishing going on, and popularity type stuff.  Kind of like what goes on on Facebook.  I also thought why the hell am I getting such high scores when no one even knows me there?!  Did some googling and found out that 500px makes it easier for new people to “get popular” by requiring less “votes” to make it to “upcoming”, and “popular”.  It’s a way to hook you in, and get you wanting to pay for an account I think.  I was putting an image up, and within minutes it was headed towards popular, a few minutes later bam! popular.  LMAO  whatever!  But there I was with mostly spammy comments, and generic meaningless fishing likes.  Meanwhile I liked my flow page quite a lot and found such wonderful photographers to follow.  But, every time I shared a picture… I’d get all disgusted and disgruntled again with the games being played there.  I just had to close my account, I knew eventually I’d piss someone off, and I had already called out two spammy fishers out on their crap.

I suppose with time it would become harder and more legit to make it to the popular pages, once that newbee push wears off, but when you see at least one fake pretending “like me and I like you blindly” on the front page (They follow each other and up vote everything).  If I had played along I would have gained lot’s of followers that played along as well.  It’s so strange.  scammer/fisher on the front page everyday… eh.. it just got to me.  I can’t play nice I guess