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Mrs Woo

Well, you aren’t out there marketing yourself as a pro with absolutely no experience and a brand-new entry level camera you got for Christmas, so that’s a bonus.  😉

Your images weren’t bad (there are also not enough to judge).  The focus doesn’t seem to be ‘spot on’ on either, but is better in the first picture shared.  The one in the middle (second in list) does not go to anything anymore.  I do like the first better.  The second one the light is also not very good.  Just definitely not ‘great.’

Do you plan on overselling yourself, refusing to be criticized, skipping paying income and sales taxes while undercutting the competition?  To me, that, more than anything, is what constitutes a fauxtographer – no real skills, no interest in playing by the established rules and no clue as to why the first two should matter.