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@JimC     I am very grateful for your input! Thank you for mentioning the safety aspect, you think about that kind of stuff every now and then, but only when reminded. I’ve purchased camera equipment on craigslist before and have always met in a public place. I like to recommend coffee shops, as they tend to diffuse tension and if the client is particularly nice, I’ll buy them a drink while there during our consultation. My boyfriend is always with me for the meetings too, plus he helps haul the gear and hold the reflector (he’s so awesome 🙂 ). 

I have never posted anything on craigslist like this before so all the advice is so helpful!
Do you think I might actually get some decent “clients”? Not to say that just because someone is overly frugal doesn’t mean they aren’t good clients, but some stereotypes exist for a reason… I’ve already had a bad “client” experience before with my supervisor’s father, but honestly they weren’t my ideal clients either, so it was just rough all around.
I feel almost obligated to say yes to everyone for experience and practice’s sake but I keep trying to tell myself it’s OK to turn people down…