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Well, the fire in your belly works for me.  Your compositions are working by far better.  I really like your explore feature.  It’s my favorite out of your newer shots.  It even beats your winner.  I see a difference in your shots.  You may feel like your style of shooting hasn’t changed, but I see it. One of your older flower shots wouldn’t have done as well I’m afraid.  Remember I had no issue with saturation, or subject matter and only talked about POV, light with emphasis on composition). You are shooting with even more intent now, and it shows.  Bask in the glory of it, (it feels wonderful, and is well deserved) but don’t let it stop you from pushing yourself.  Seek critique again when you’re ready (you’ll know because you’ll feel stuck, uncertain and sucky), by all means it does not need to happen here if you aren’t comfortable with it.  When you do finally decide it’s time again, read that article I linked for you again, and mentally prepare yourself for it, and remember, even the buttheads can have valid points, AND they took their time to look at your photographs and talk with you about them.  Thank them for it, even if you found them to be about as helpful as a fart in a mitten. They might not be a butthead after all, if you learn how to listen to them, and read between the lines.  I often go back and re readmy critiques months, and even years later, and draw from them.  If they are given in person, I make notes.  No as amateurs, we don’t shoot for others, but we want to share what we create, and make as many people as possible see/feel.  Photographers aren’t jerks, we just expect and want a lot from each other, and from ourselves.    Keep going Simon, I like what you see