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Prove a point, no, I only thought about this forum after, I havnt been here or thought about here in a long time.

I just thought  you like to know. I did feel quite chuffed about it.

I entered the comp because I had a lot if faith in that picture, and I wanted to know if my kind photography was up to par, the way I captured and edited that pic is how I like flower photogeaphy.

And coming from Karl Taylor especially, was even better, simply if I ever was a pro, his kind of work I be into, and of course, thanks to Serge Ramelli for his brilliant LR 4-5 tutorials.

And yes IHF, you guys did put a little fire in my belly, you can own that 😉

This pic got me my first picture in Explore on Flikr

Soldier Beatle (Explored)