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Sorry for the rant, I know I said I’d accept critisizm, but by the looks of it, I havnt.

But I had a think to myself after Brownie made his comments. I take pictures how I like, for my own personal enjoyment. I really don’t know what I wanted by coming on here to get approval,  especially when it really won’t make a difference to how I shoot. This site is intended to point out the frauds ripping people off, and I’m not nor ever will be, one of them, so in that case, how I take and enjoy my photos ain’t got nothing to do with anyone else, being a big part of photography is artistic and personal, whether I follow typical trends or be unique.”


First the pictures.  As a new photographer you are doing about what you should be doing…taking lots of shots in different genres and getting the feel. The second thing newcomers always do is quit practicing their photography and start ‘processing’ trying to duplicate the latest over-the-top looks.  They always fail.   Go back to perfecting your basics, and identifying what genre you feel most comfortable with, and which you enjoy most.  At that point work on your COMPOSITION, always work on the composition.  The next item is perfect your understanding and useage of light.


Lastly putting something up for critque and flying off the handle defending it against legitimate critique will land you in limbo.  All the good, knowledgeable people will simply avoid you and that leaves you with chronic back-patters…which keeps your skills at the bottom of the barrel.  Your choice.