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Exactly coastal tog. I’m right there with them. Lower income that is. I can’t afford the luxury of personalized custom portraiture. I’m also unwilling to support illegal businesses, or perpetuate a talented photographer’s failure to make a profit while he or she works their ass off for me. I also don’t want to be a part of their continued photography debt that they are creating. So I fall in with the DIY crowd unless some sort of cookie cutter type chain or established studio runs a high volume deal that suits my wants. No biggy. It is what it is. I think I heard it be said that pro photographers in this genre usually can’t afford to hire themselves. But, most consumers don’t know any of this. They don’t know the harm in it. They think “I’m paying $50 and the photographer is making $50. I helped them, they helped me”.

A while back a fauxtographer that posted here, and I kind of kept an eye on her (come on! It’s entertaining. Admit it! We all do it from time to time) well, she actually won an award from her county “best photographer in…”. According to their website, they started the awards program to help promote the small businesses in their area, and boost their local economy. Not only was her work sub par (not that it matters), but she is also not a profitable business, doesn’t collect sales tax, isn’t registered/licensed, uninsured, the whole nine. They just assumed they were helping an actual small business that helps generate revenue for their area because she advertises as one. I think eye doc assumes the same. Why wouldn’t they? Who the hell would go in debt, or settle for a couple dimes, or not making a penny at all working so hard for people?! I mean we have minimum wage laws these days. No one would be that self destructive or that inclined to undervalue themselves and their work! But, yes pho/fauxtographers do this very thing all the time. So strange. I don’t think I will ever completely understand it.