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As a casual observer, it is my experience that the market has shifted. I’m a hobbyist, i but it is patently clear that since everyone today owns a camera (at least in their phone) coupled with the overwhelming abundance of sites offering free editing with sepia filters and bold vignettes, standards of “photography” have come down dramatically. Typical consumers today will not pony up for perfect exposures or L glass gear in a dark church if they are barely used to any images better than an iphone.

They don’t see the value.

Come talk to me in 10 years and tell me that you haven’t given into the vignettes and the sepias because that’s what most of your clients want and you can’t sell what you are touting on this site as “talent” because, sadly, no one cares any longer.

Photographer as a career reached it’s peak years back, and now is on the down-swing. That’s why I say get what you can from client now because that’s all you’re going to see. Sad, but true.