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Right now, yes, you’re a fauxtog. No, you’re not doomed to be there forever. First step- STOP! No, don’t stop taking pictures. Stop advertising that you are a business. Take down your pricing. Make the purpose of your page to state something like “I’d love to get into the business of photography someday. While I’m learning, I’d like to get as much practice as I can. Message me if you’re interested in helping me out by modeling for me.” Then, like others have said, pick up your camera manual. What camera and lens/lenses are you shooting with? Do you have a DSLR? That really is a must if you want to learn and pursue this dream. Pick up a book that explains the basics of photography. One book I have is the Canon Rebel T2i Digital Field Guide by Charlotte K. Lowrie. (Even if that’s not the camera you own, the book is great in explaining lighting, composition, focusing, etc. and goes into details about how different types of lenses work). You really need to master light and understand how it affects your image first and foremost. Don’t worry about flashes, modifiers, or reflectors yet until you have a solid understanding about how your camera works.

You are not going to learn anything if you are trying to make money instantly. People will see your work and you will be branded as a fauxtog, and it may be hard to get rid of that image once you do become good.