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David you are not a fauxtog ūüôā ¬†I enjoyed looking at ¬†your photos

as for the shoulder thing…. ¬†I tried to find good examples of it for you, but came up empty. ¬†Look in the mirror and put one shoulder forward, but lower than the one in back, now lift it higher than the one in back. ¬†Then look straight in the mirror, and put your hand on your hip to raise one shoulder and tilt to both sides. ¬†You’ll see the difference, I’m sure of it, and will have a better understanding of it. ¬†You could also do a “posing men for portraits” search. ¬†They may or may not speak about the shoulders (they should though), but the shots that work will always have the man leaning/looking/tilting to the lower shoulder. ¬†I was in awe of this when I learned it. ¬†Something so subtle, makes such a HUGE difference.