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Thanks for the feedback!  I like to think I’m not, and I have this site to thank. I didn’t use any strobes, but I will next time to brighten up the background a bit. The two guys in the photos are good friends of mine who were around to help me set up the lights, which is why their clothing was so.. messy.

Can anyone explain to me the shoulder thing? Maybe an example of the heads tilted to the upper or lower shoulder? I’m getting a little confused trying to figure that out

Lastly, for fun, here are some old fauxtog headshots of mine that i liked http://www.davidvrj.com/photos/i-KwHNXt5/0/M/i-KwHNXt5-M.jpg http://www.davidvrj.com/photos/i-hrRm5kw/0/M/i-hrRm5kw-M.jpg http://www.davidvrj.com/photos/i-8kJhTDC/0/M/i-8kJhTDC-M.jpg http://www.davidvrj.com/photos/i-c7hbFzK/0/M/i-c7hbFzK-M.jpg