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One of the faux (whom I have linked here in the past) has 55 likes on her page. Not many, but it’s 55 too many because her work is atrocious. She’s the one who apologized on her own page for all the blurry photos because she was “in need of a new camera.” Well, on her page she had posted awhile back that she had 100 complimentary tickets to this huge country music festival in my state (I have NO IDEA how she got those, occasionally some places will raffle off a few of them, and I’ve gotten several of the discount tickets in the past… well anyway) she made up a contest that if people get their friends to like her page, and say who referred them, she’d give the winner a free ticket. Voila! What a scam! I’ve never done one of those liking contests for my page. If I were to run any sort of contest, I’d make the person refer a client and whoever gets the most clients to book and have a session with me maybe they’d win something. Collecting likes doesn’t do a thing. Branching out to new clients will.