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on facebook:

friend: “your photos just keep getting better and better” photog:”thanks! i’m finally learning what the buttons on my camera do!”

Friend: “Oh wow! I’m glad you finally started a business!” Photog: “yeah, my mom bought be a nice camera for Christmas so I figured it was about time!” (nice camera was/is a rebel. before camera was a fujifilm finepix s400, as noted in her about page)


Photog: “yeah, sometimes i take a photos and they look really good and i’m all ‘how did i DO that!?’ but then i try to do it again and i can’t figure out how I did it!”

Actually note though, she IS improving (at a very slow rate, but from 2010 to now she has gotten much better). She no longer uses flash at all (she used to have poorly done bridals with flash filling the brides face and casting nasty shadows behind them). She is staying away from the greener vintage edits (jaundice faces are no more, but the yellow edits still persist. I see a trend of her using them less though) Not a single dutch angel in site. She learned proper black and white conversion (i’m certain it was just grayscale before.). I wouldn’t go far as to say she is good, but she is no longer front page material.  (I don’t like calling people out publicly. linking her work isn’t going to do either of us any good. It is just fun to poke fun)