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Hi all, I just joined.

When I bought an Olympus C8080WZ last year, I started learning photography in earnest. It’s a good direction in my life and I think I can go far with it, but there’s way too much for me to grasp in such a short time; it’s absurd to hear people urging me to start my own business.
I enjoy it, and I have sold some better-than-my-average pictures, but please! I was never particularly ambitious before, so I wonder what causes people to suddenly imagine I’m this savvy entrepreneur.
Besides I’m slow to apply theory. It’s easier to simply go on a day trip and shoot everything that catches my eye rather than hurt my brain with a lot of ‘to-do’s’.
Also due to moderate-to-severe arthritis I’m on a disability income, greatly precluding such purchases as external flash, reflectors, a high-end DSLR with extra lenses, etc..  but I still have fun and that, for me at present, is the reward.

I would welcome critiques, since there’s no way I’m improving without guidelines in the form of others’ reactions.

I’m supposed to do this portrait shoot for a local musician, and I’m TERRIFIED. She knows I’m amateur so that’s not the reason; the lady has an imposing presence and a quick, decisive manner. It’s truly a ‘get-it-right-the-first-time’, or at least that’s how I’m responding to it. However, I’m thrilled she wants me to do this.

Any pointers are most welcome.  🙂  If it’s about technique, I’m all ears. Where money is concerned, tho’, I probably can’t do much about it at the moment, but it will be taken under advisement for sure.  All thoughts are valid; yes, even the negative ones. It doesn’t take away my joy!