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How many sky photos?  I never counted, but I have a lot more than four!

At just one social web page my gallery has 290 photos (far less than the thousands on my own page), and there is:

Blue sky with a seagull,

Sunset with a building at the CNE,

Sunset with a wind turbine,

Sea and sky beyond the stern of a cruise ship,

Sunset with silhouette of city scape, one with city below 1/3rd line and a second with city at 2/3rds line,

Sunrise over a bay on Lake Ontario,

Sun setting behind some mountains with apartment buildings in middle ground and reflection off water in the foreground, it was the monthly winner in September,

Cityscape with bright red sky , distant traffic and a construction crane,

Traffic with a yellow sunset,

Traffic with pink sky,

Sunset in top 10 or 15 percent with city streets in foreground and middle ground,

Pre-dawn sky over a bay on Lake Ontario,

Same bay, sun is just reaching horizon,

Another silhouette of apartment buildings with sunset,

Sunset over a restaurant in Markham,

Three different photos of night sky with lightning,

Hubbard Glacier with sea and sky,

English Bay/Strait of Georgia from Stanley Park — about half sky,

Another sunset, predominantly blue sky with dark clouds and an orange band at the horizon,

A view down a sidewalk in Markham, looking at the sun peeking over a rooftop, beside bare trees,

Empty blue/grey sky, except the osprey that has wings spread edge to edge in the frame,

Another silhouette of highrise buildings with sunset,

Absolute Condominiums still under construction with some neat clouds above,

Sheridan College with a cloudy sky,

Totally blue sky with a red tailed hawk taking up about half the frame,

A Bell Canada telecommunications radio tower and cloudy sky,

Lake Ontario shoreline in winter with late day sun, smoke from the Hearn Generating Station and CN Tower in the distance,

Another photo of lightening

CN Tower and cloudy sky taken through trees at Ashbridges Bay,

Sunset with cloud shape that reminds me of the battle cruisers in Star Wars,

Cityscape from a bridge on Bathurst St, looking along rail right of way to CN Tower with blue sky and white clouds,

Sailboat in Inner Harbour with a cloudy sky background,

Nine snowbirds, smoke on, in a clear blue sky, just past the top of their loop,

Another seagull in a blue sky with just the edge of the sun causing lens flare, it was a featured photo,

A water bomber dropping water, and same plane flying level,

Chevron stunt plane with smoke on,

Snowbirds flying away from the camera, trailing planes have smoke on,

A very saturated sunset with silhouette of city,

CN Tower standing between a couple of condos or office towers, with its lights on, dark blue sky,

Some white clouds in sun, with blue sky,

Another elevated view of a long street stretching off toward sunset,

Three of fireworks in black night sky,

Five more of planes at an airshow.

I’m not sure if all of these would qualify as just shots of the sky, but the sky is a fairly dominant element.  I didn’t count, seems like quite a few.  If I took another I liked, I would still put it up.  I get a fair number of unsolicited comments, so far no one has said “Wow!  You have too many photos with sky in them!”