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This is a girl who is my cousin’s girlfriend’s cousin or something like that. LOL.  Either way, she is your classic fauxtog. I mean she can’t even correctly spell HER OWN camera brand!

Here is a comment on her personal facebook page (where she spells it wrong):  http://i48.tinypic.com/33kzrde.jpg

And this is a quote from her “business” page  https://www.facebook.com/saycheesephotograpy:

I’ve always loved taking pictures of my kids…I take tons actually. Its just a hobby I picked up and enjoy doing. Its not your major editing I do, I do natural ( : I am not your “professional” that does all the special edits and affects although like I said before I do some editing but it’s natural ..all I edit is usually the lighting and maybe if I want it black and white.
If you have any question fill free to contact me at any time! ( : By phone or email


And yes, she does charge people, but I have no idea how much.