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Summer before last, we needed a lot of 4 X 6 prints.  We needed three of some print, two of others and singles of still others.  To save time in the store, I made up 3 DVD’s with the files.   At Costco we handed over the discs and asked for one of each.  Imagine my surprise when three copies of my file resulted in three different appearances in print.  With that behind us, we tried the same thing at Walmart, with the same result.  We don’t have Walgreens here.  Now that sort of job goes to Blacks, a chain camera store that has much more consistent quality.

I think it was Mark Wallace in one of the Adorama videos that said when he heard someone say they like natural light, all he hears is that they don’t know how to use flash.  Of course, in the movie, Quigly Down Under, after using pistols to shoot all the bad guys in a quick draw gun fight, the main bad guy says to Quigly, as he is about to die, “I thought you said you didn’t know how to use a pistol”.  To which Quigly replies “No, I said I didn’t have much use for pistols, not I didn’t know how to use them.”    Looking at Kyra’s photos, I think it may be a case of not having the gear she wants.  I too, like her nature shots.