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reality check

“It is sad that some people equate amateur with inferior quality”  AMEN!

and why can’t people allow themselves to be an amateur/hobbyist/enthusiast and have a little pride that goes with it, and just enjoy the craft?  It’s almost as though there is this instant pressure on people to charge and open up shop as soon as they get their new camera out of the box.  Get that website up, start a facebook page, get a logo going, make up a price list, and learning how to photograph will come later.  I’m not joking.  One week after getting my newest camera, I had friends telling me just that.  Luckily I’m pretty self aware lol  Still to this day people are relentless about me going pro  LMAO.  “Glad you like my recent photo of a lady bug, but I’m going to have to decline the offer to shoot your wedding for money” or “So pleased you liked and purchased one of my finished landscape photographs, but I’m afraid I can’t take pictures of your newborn for you next week” (honest convos that have taken place with me) LOL  it’s so silly out there right now.  Hopefully with time things will calm down, and maybe resemble some sort of “normal” again some day.  or then again, maybe some of the togs out there are right and it’s the beginning of the end of professional photography.