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LOL!  How I hate the “Professional” and “Amateur” labels.  “Semi-pro” is even worse!  “Part-time-pro” is no better.  Not saying anything about anyone’s work, just the labels.

I have a long list of photographers who’s work I think is wonderful.  Some of them are “amateurs” and some of them are “professionals”.  The best photos of insects that I have seen were done by a gentleman who took them for the love of doing it (definition of amateur) and put them up on pBase.  They are gorgeous.    I have also seen a lot of terrible photos and sadly, some of that work was done by “professionals”.

It is sad that some people equate amateur with inferior quality and professional with superior quality, when the definitions are:  amateurs do it for love and professionals do it for money.  Either group can do it well, or badly.