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Oops!  So the thread reads “shit fauxtog s say” I see Arizona chimed in with his remarks “What is  a semi pro”. I see this one being said a lot, by a lot of serious offenders.  I added my 2 cents, even though I wasn’t following this thread and reading all the posts within.  I sincerely was not addressing Brown at all, just handing over my first thought to “semi pro”. Ya know that whole “learn to be pro as you go” mentality.

So there ya go, an honest first reaction from a stranger.  No, you’re not a fauxtog Brown, but a lot of your behavior is like one.  I’m an enthusiast, hobbiest, amateur… I have sold some photographs, but I don’t sell photography services, aka portraits or event photography.  I’m not in business, and don’t plan to be any time soon.  I’ll leave that up to the pros and semi pros