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First off, I am not a professional photographer, but I like to think myself capable enough of teaching my friends and family basic photography. A friend added me to a Facebook group for parents in the local area. A woman was soliciting her photography business. However, she was going about it by saying she just bought a “very nice camera” and in order to build up her photography skills from nothing, she was going to take free photos of people for said photography business. However, she wanted to charge them $50 for her to buy a memory card for their photos to be on. People came in droves and she soon became booked for the next two months. It was surprising because the photos she did show on her personal Facebook page was horrible. I guess the woman was soon sniffed out as a fauxtog, because now her Facebook photos are all set to private. Still, the fauxtog said the photos were free, but it cost $50 for the SD memory cards.

The holiday season is quickly upon us. I have taught my wife some of what I know about photography based on her level of comprehension, and she can take decent to good photos. We learned that the local portrait studio was hiring people to be seasonal photographers. I’ve noticed this photography studio only hired women. I learned that one of the women photographers, for some reason, loathes male photographers. So, with my wife unemployed, I decided to get her an interview with the portrait studio instead of applying myself. We struck up a conversation with one of the hopeful photographers. The woman we were talking to said she used to work at a portrait studio, then quit to start her photography business that fizzled out. So she was applying again for this portrait studio. My wife talked about how she loves her Nikon DSLR and such. She then asked this woman about her camera. The woman said, “I don’t know what the make or model of my camera is. I just know it is kind of small, and has a 26x something? I just know I can zoom really far!” I talked to an employee of the photo studio while my wife was being interviewed. She knew what camera they used for the portrait studio, but the company forbid them from touching anything on the camera except for the shutter button. The woman hoping to be hired that didn’t know what her camera even was then piped up and said, “It doesn’t matter the camera! The picture goes straight into the computer as soon as you take it, and it uses programs to automatically make the photos look good! You can even take bad photos, and the computers used by the portrait studio will still make them look good!” When my wife got through with her interview, I told her she was overqualified. Sure enough, on another trip to the portrait studio, there was the fauxtographer, taking photos as the newly hired photographer.