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@reality check: Still thinking you’re confusing me with someone else, because you’re the only one on here who is saying I’m producing bad work. Lol. really? I’m charging as a semi-pro. I am not still learning the basics. I certainly know the basics. The things I’m learning are things I’m building on the basics. I have college and job experience in photography as well as personal experience on my own after that. You’re actually quite offensive saying I know minimal myself. Are you the one who said on here somewhere that you’re just a hobbyist? (I could be wrong, correct me if I am). I already shoot much better images than a local pro in my town who’s been in business for 35 years. And I’m not the only one who thinks that. Yes, he has more experience and knowledge running a business than I do, certainly! Photography is not a full-time job for me as I can’t yet support myself on it. My goal is to get there someday but I’m not going to be a shoot-and-burn fauxtog like the dozens in my town who are actually paying all their bills doing just that.