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I also agree with EvilDaystar. You should take both art and business/marketing courses. Even art that isn’t photography WILL help you. It all relates. In college I took a few photography courses, some drawing courses, digital art courses, sculpture, some advertising/marketing classes, and one business class. I wish I had gone further into the business field. After three years of it, I was unable to finish college due mainly to financial reasons. If I go back my plan is at least an associates in business, because I feel it will help me the most in my photography career I’m building.

I also agree with reality check. There are times when photography can get stressful, and the cure honestly is to spend a day shooting nature, still life, or just photos of people for fun.

One thing that will set you apart from other photographers is conveying emotion through your images. You seem to have a good start, especially being as young as you are.