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reality check

Ditto to what Evil said.  A business degree will get you farther than anything else if you want to pursue being in business for yourself.  Shoot shoot shoot.  I’m going to make just one suggestion rather than critique your current work.  Seek out some male models as well, as groups.   Study posing and direction.  That’s where a lot of new togs fail.  I think you have an eye, and could go somewhere with this, not just because of your current images, but your realistic approach.  Seems you have a good grasp on what goes into being for hire unlike so many others.  I think your attitude is refreshing and wonderful to see.  The fact that you are not jumping the gun makes me think you really can do this.

word of caution though sometimes doing what you love for a living can be both a blessing and a curse.  If you ever start to feel the latter, take time out to shoot for yourself.  Shoot for yourself as much as possible no matter where life’s road leads you. Good luck