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Cliche:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/cliche?s=t

Genre:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/genre?s=t

So “cliche” means it has been done enough already, and “genre” is a class or category?  So, wedding photography is a genre, and “bride walking up aisle with father”, “first kiss”, “couple leaving church”, and “bridal party all in a row” would all be cliches?  Actually everything on a wedding shot list has been done a lot.  Does that make the whole thing cliche?

Dudley may have a point.  It’s how well executed and tasteful the shot is.  If everyone viewing it gasps and exclaims “Wow!  It’s gorgeous!”, almost everyone will miss that it is cliche.  If it’s not executed so well, it leaves room for people to think about French words they can apply.

I think weddings for example are slightly different as yes there are the set shots as you’ve mentioned that you have to get. I guess you’re telling a story of the couples day and those set shots help tell that story. No though, I don’t agree they need to be especially cliched images. If you are a good photographer you know how to look for true moments in which you capture the essence of your subjects. So maybe what starts of as a cliche is developed by a skilled photographer as something of merit.

The kind of cliches I’m talking about it holding baby boots on pregnant bellies or selective colour, or building blocks spelling out the name of the unborn child etc. Honestly, I don’t know how that kind of idea can become anything decent.