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After reading your reply…

I have to say, I’ve never been made to feel like an asshole for saying “no”.  And I say it ALOT.  I think it’s obviously worse to say you are able to do something that you’re incapable of doing properly, and collecting cash for it.  Everyone with a camera is asked, most times over and over and over again.  If you take it on, and you’re cheap or free, you’ll be busy regardless of your skill. Seriously, when you’re cheap  the demand has very little to do with your skill, only the price.  You’ll be working hard and not getting ahead at all.  It’s entirely up to you to be honest and say “no” when it’s something you are not capable of, or when you are unable to handle the work load involved.  People will respect your honesty, and learn from your explanation, if an explanation is needed.  That’s not asshole behavior, that’s good behavior.  Not only are you helping them, but you are also setting the standards for your work.  So when you are ready (that is IF you have decided you arent now) to open up shop, your intentions are clear, and your future clients will know what they are paying for, and understand the value of it.

The last time I was bombarded with “you should start a business.  You’re really good.  Would you take our family pictures?”  Part of my explanation was “$$$ is what I would have to charge per gig, $$$  is what I would have to sell in prints and product per gig, to make the same as someone flipping burgers part time.  This would be my starting rates.  Do you still think I should take your family photos and start a part time business??”  Crickets… Then they started with the “but I know someone with a nice camera like you that…” etc  Sorry, I can’t afford to be in business like that, we already have enough debt, and I think professional photography is worth more than a fast food burger.  You can totally steal this convo from me if you need it.  It worked well