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Ditto to above poster
Didn’t look at your photography, because I think you can answer this question yourself, and with some honest feedback from friend family and/or potential future clients.

Here is a cost of doing business calculator.  Enter your expenses, your desired salary (Starting out you will want to just aim for at least minimum wage. PLEASE!  you’re worth minimum wage!  It’s hard work being for hire, and its expensive.  Most don’t even bother to figure out hours doing business vs pay, and then fail miserably) and it gives you an estimate on what it will cost you per assignment/session.  Keep in mind that even hobbyists charge for profit on their products and services.  Or at least try to break even. I say this because so many togs don’t realize their true value, and many end up going into debt only because they didn’t think things through.

Be honest with yourself while filling out the form, and if needed, add any expenses or fees not covered.

What do you need to charge to make at least minimum wage per hours working? (don’t forget hours spent marketing, updating sites, networking, editing, traveling etc

Then ask yourself, ” is my photography products and services worth said amount?”  If yes, and your target market agree… Go for it.
Chances are, if you are honest with yourself while filling out the form, and you are seriously contemplating going into business, the answer will be no, especially since you have only been shooting a short while.