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Well, if I were to get into a real business I would certainly invest money into it and get the proper equipment I need.  I have a couple lenses (50mm 1.8 and 17-70 2.8), a couple strobes, a reflector… but I would definitely want a full-frame camera before I go outside my family circle.  Sometimes going outside the family circle is inevitable… co-workers of my family members want me to take pics of their kids, etc…   I really would be happy not getting into business but I feel like an asshole turning everyone down because I’m not a professional photographer.  Also, the extra money really wouldn’t hurt.  But I like others have mentioned on this board and I do tend to agree with them, that getting into business does slow one’s growth as a photographer.  I don’t really know if I’m ready to start getting into it professionally.

I know the composition isn’t the best in my photostream… keep in mind that they are mostly snapshots of my kids, but further down you can see I did a couple of family portraits and a Sweet 16 shoot for my niece.