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Yeah my Powershot is decent for taking out to bars with friends (phone camera used to be decent, but the poor design places the little camera lens flush with the phone body which resulted in it getting scratched up from sliding on surfaces) anyway, the Powershot is also a quick little camera to take photos of some of the items I sell online, but to be honest, I’ve resorted to actually using my DSLRs to take nicer photos of some items, better pictures help sell things quicker. Sometimes I feel like I wasted the $140 on the Powershot but everyone should have a point-and-shoot I guess. My boyfriend’s dad found an Olympus 8 megapixel waterproof/shockproof camera in a snowbank by the local college last year after it had been plowed up and the snow melted in the spring, the thing didn’t work and there was no battery charger, but my bf found one of those universal charging mats and once the camera sat for awhile, it worked! We took it out in the lake last summer and it was very useful for that purpose.

Now I’m seriously tempted to pull out my Powershot when I’m doing a hired gig to see the reactions.