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I’ve showed up at legitimate shoots with a powershot just to see the reaction.. You would be amazed that over half are complacent about it. I don’t use the damn thing but it’s fun to see the reaction when there is one…. What’s funny is, is that these people are paying big bucks and to suit the purposes of this site they quite frankly don’t know any better to expect more or less whereby allowing a select group of “photographers” to exploit this and make money producing crap like you see on the main page.. However, I did do that one time and the guy point blank said, “Are you f’ing kidding me?” I immediately said yes..

But anywho.. I have a powershot for a particular reason.. I don’t care about breaking it for 1 and it’s nice light small and takes somewhat decent photos.. When you’re meeting someone and they want you to do something, it’s nice to have photos to formulate a plan you can return on more confident.. personal preference but completely a choice and a fairly straight forward tool to help build ideas on before you go do the real thing. q:D