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Nesgran: Good call on some of the DOF issues. All of these were shot on a 5DMkIII with an 85mm f/1.2L on a monopod. I was in full manual, between 1.8 – ¬†2.8 and 1/125 – 1/250 and ISO 2000. Looking back, I could’ve shifted some settings around to keep all proper areas in focus, especially because of the monopod. Thanks for pointing it out, and for the kind words on the composition

Worst Case: You’re absolutely right about that light next to the actor. I was a little too focused on the action in front of me and didn’t check the lights reflecting off the set in the background. My PS game isn’t that great but this is a good way to get better. And although the theater lights were challenging, with sometimes a stop or more of difference between actors only a few feet from each other, I really enjoyed it; since I was in manual, it was a great practice adjusting exposure/aperture/ISO on the fly. I actually love shooting in theaters because of the light; when the lights are set correctly, and I can hit my marks according to action on stage, it’s like being a photojournalist (my favorite) in a predictable and dramatic studio lighting environment. I went with BW because it fit the mood of the show, its theme of the literal struggle between light and dark, and as a way to tie it into the movie.

EMF:¬†This was my favorite show to shoot. Because it was in a small 82-seat theater, the action happens within a few feet of the audience, which helped me get shots I couldn’t otherwise get in a more traditional theatrical environment. I’m so glad you liked them. The whole series is 130 shots total, which I gave to each member of the cast yesterday as a memento of their amazing work. The tears in their eyes as they saw them made me grateful for the opportunity, and for this amazing field of photography.