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I think that the “like ladders” and the whole “like” scheme has really discredited facebook as any kind of valuable source of review or background info. It’s like those reviews for products where they filter out any of the negative comments or reviews. How can you put stock into anything if it is not a true reflection of your work?

I have 42 likes on my page, and I am fine with that. Out of that, I am sure there is a few that know me and are just being supportive.
The way I look at people’s facebook page is that, if you have to buy “likes” you are truly misrepresenting yourself from the get go. Not sure if these people feel that they are fooling anyone or they are just fooling themselves.
Now, if there were features that facebook offered at a particular level of likes, I can’t fault someone for buying a few likes to unlock those features, but beyond that, your not fooling anyone.