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Cameraclicker, that’s awesome!  I didn’t even know about the show.  I’ll definitely have to ask the sales guy about it next week when I go to pick up my new lens!  I might sell back to Henry’s, as a last resort, but they low balled me very hard since they would still want to make a profit on everything.  If I don’t get a decent offer on the stuff, I might just keep it for my kid.  She’s been bugging me for a DSLR and seems to be taking an interest in photography. 🙂


EyeDoc, I’m not trying to be greedy.  I’m going based on looking up current retail prices on my gear and giving a discount to factor in the fact that, while it has been used, everything is in perfect condition.  There isn’t a single scratch on anything and all 3 lenses are squeaky clean.  I know other photographers would have zero use for the stuff but the T3i is still a pretty hot item with the average camera user, around here.  Depending on the retailer, the stuff I’m selling fetches $1100-$1200 pre-tax ($1400+ with).  Maybe I’ll try asking $900 flat for everything unless that’s still unrealistic.  I really, really don’t want to sell it for any less than $800.