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My memory sucks!  My computer’s memory, however, is pretty robust.  😉

Henry’s show is free if you have one of their pre-printed tickets.  The show is May 23 – 25 at Hall 5 of the International Centre.  If you can’t get a ticket or two out of Henry’s and want to go, email me through my web page and I will send you a file you can print tickets from.

Usually, a number of local photo clubs set up booths at the show.  Letting the photo clubs know you are offering gear for sale may be an option.

You could also put together a photo of the gear and post ads on local supermarket bulletin boards.

Will the local high school post a notice on their bulletin board for you?

I don’t know what the cost would be.  My wife came back from church on Sunday with a flyer the church puts together and the back page is covered with ads.  There are also the free commuter papers, which probably also charge for ads.

There is also http://www.kajiji.ca which is the Canadian version, and http://www.buysellusedstuff.com which says you can post for free to sell stuff in Canada.