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I wish I could “like” what you posted on his badge photo, but I have been blocked from commenting or liking anything on his page since I commented on the photo of the dead woman’s blood/tissue on a street awhile back. He’ll delete your comment and block you. He does it for everything he doesn’t like.

But yes, I agree with your comment. His outfits and badges already are misleading. The neon yellow vests that say ‘INCIDENT RESPONSE” make anyone believe he’s an official. He had photos of him “on assignment” recently where he was just standing on a highway next to one of those radar speed checker things, in the neon yellow vest, with a camera. How many motorists do you think slowed down, thinking he was a cop going to radio their speeds to another cop? Awhile back a firefighter had commented on one of his badge photos that he’s not supposed to have the “maltese cross” on his badge if he is not a firefighter. He had some excuse like “Oh it’s just to show support for firefighters” or some BS. I wonder how soon it’ll be until he buys a flashing red light to put on his dashboard and starts pulling people over… I’m serious. He’s the type who will do that.