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Yes. It is scary to ask for feedback here.

Especially when asking for feedback from posts to a Facebook page because there are so many variables: downsizing files, images that you have shared that may not be yours; sharing for reasons other than business, etc. Studio shots and fine portraiture are often expected to be extremely technically perfect. Action, on-the-spot and nature/wildlife photography are different, because we don’t have total control over the setting. I’d say the latter can generally be less technically correct. And MBC has very precise & correct technical expertise — I’d ditto what he said, ESPECIALLY about the black and white adjustment. I will leave the tech advice to MBC and address composition.

And, I’ll  limit myself to the frog shots. You melded a frog (wildlife) and studio. There are so many creative elements to this series. Juxtaposition, storytelling, etc. But, with a shoot like this comes a whole new learning curve. Can’t exactly tell him to turn a little to the side or to look up; or was he totally photoshopped?  What lens did you use? I think the photos would be better with more DOF & you could do that by opening up your lens; using a tripod and better lighting.

My favorite one is where he is holding the guitar and looking at the camera, no crown. In the one where he is leaned forward on the guitar I would have you consider a couple of things: 1. Very shallow DOF (there should be a bit more in focus) 2. The natural eye-line of the photo starts with the frog and carries to the nail in the drawer. Can you see that? It’s the dominance and balance between dark & light and big & small AND also the subconscious arrow pointing directly to the nail. Can you see the arrow? Also, the ones with the duck: the duck seems dominant because of the brightness. It is one of the tricks professionals use to draw subconscious attention to the subject.

But over all, I see a talent and ability far past that of a fauxtog. Your watermark, however, screams amateur. It is a cursive font (with strokes specifically for connecting the characters) with added leading (spaced out) causing both an unnatural and disconnected look. The placement of the watermark is also inconsistent — just enough to be annoying. Can you imagine if Ansel Adams had slapped his watermark right across the face of Monolith? Consider TreyRatcliff”s opinion: https://plus.google.com/+TreyRatcliff/posts/UTKKo5Su6Rj