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Thanks for the criticism guys!


Just in response, I feel like I am still moving forward a TON and learning as I go. I fully 100% know how to use my equipment and know what images I want to create as I’m taking them. I hardly do any editing to my images. So I don’t get how someone things I’m extremely dependent on photoshop. lol. I like things to look natural and clean so I’m not sure what is coming off as over edited or such? Also I do photoshop stuff when it comes to composites because of baby safety. I go out almost daily and shoot for myself, and continue to practice and learn and go to workshops, classes, etc.


I would like to know what you guys see that makes it look like I don’t know what I’m expecting when I take an image.


And when it comes to mentoring, I have a ton of people ask as they look up to my work and what to see how I do what I do.

Not trying to sound upset at all, just trying to understand what everyone is saying.


And can you guys link your websites/pages I’d love to connect.