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MBC we were posting at the same time ( I’m just slower than you lol)

i was thinking the same thing as you about how quick she was going, but didn’t know how to word it without it sounding horrible.  So I sat and thought about it some, and here’s my attempt at trying to get my point across without sounding like the photography police or worse.

Erika, you and I are at about the same learning phase/skill level But i have no intention of going into business any time soon.  I don’t think either of us suck, and this isn’t to discourage you in any way.  But, when you jump into business too quickly, it puts a damper on the learning process.  When I first decided “I want to learn portraiture”. I jumped in head first, and started shooting friends, friends kids, friends of friends, but quickly realized I wasn’t learning what I needed to learn (very quickly.  I only had 4 “sessions”).  I was going too quickly, even when my intentions were good, even though I wasnt charging, and I had a lesson or lessons planned for myself.  When you shoot for others they become more important than anything else.  More important than the technical.  More important than the experiment you had in mind.  They become personally invested, and making sure you have good images for them becomes more important than trying for more, trying something new, pushing yourself and your camera.  It just all becomes about getting it correct or “good enough”.  Thing is, I think you have some serious potential to be a fantastic portrait photographer.  And I feel you may be stunting or at least slowing your progress.  I understand the pressure you are under with friends and family pushing you to make money and be pro, and I also know it would be very difficult To even consider slowing down on the business end of things at this point.  But, be sure to fit REAL lessons in.  Be honest with yourself.  are you progressing?  or at a stand still?  Take time out to shoot for yourself.  A new concept, lighting set up, pose, etc etc etc that you want to try?  Seek it out and do it.  Not for them, not for or with a paying client, but for you and your photography, With a model that you sought out for.  Go for SOC shots.  Make time for it.  Because completely depending on actions and presets and photoshop skills isn’t going to do you any favors.  Good editing is important, but not near as important as your straight up photography skills are.