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I think you’re right, you’re definitely not a fauxtog. You’ve got a wonderful eye and a good artistic sensibility.

That being said, you may have rushed into the business a little bit too quickly. You have some really good foundations in your work, but it is just a bit amateurish from a production standpoint. I feel that by running headlong into the business side of things you really haven’t had a chance to experiment, to branch out and develop your own style. The biggest problem I see is that I have seen every shot in your portfolio before, most hundreds of timed. They are good, but I can’t tell how much of that is you, and how much of that is your ability to reproduce things  you’ve seen.

The other thing I see is that you are very Photoshop dependent. I’ve been using Photoshop almost from day one, and over the years I have seen what should be a pole-vault used as a crutch. Special effects not withstanding (like things where you intend to use Photoshop, especially for the baby’s safety), how many of your photos could you really just print and sell right out of the camera? I’m seeing Photoshop used to correct for lighting problems, exposure problems, focusing problems, depth of field issues, ad nauseum. As it is, you are spending far, far more time than you need to on your shots.

I would also advise you to take down your video tutorials. If you really want to teach people, load them up to Blip and get a per-watch advertising bonus. The Total Training tutorial dvd series for Photoshop, which is 18 hours long, is only $109. And please don’t take this the wrong way, but you just haven’t reached the level of skill to teach yet. It’s like the joke about the first grade kid who told his mother that he was gonna quit school, and when queried about what he would do with a first grade education answered “teach kindergarten.”

Now, all that being said. You are far better than most and particularly for only having been in it two years. Study and work hard and you’ll do very very well.