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I too thought of starting a post along the same line. However I thought there would be little point in that the only “people” who seem to frequent this site now is the hackers, spammers, bots and so forth. It’s nice to see a real person here.

I just found yanap a little while back as someone had posted a link to a very sorry example of something. I can’t remember if it was lighting or colour or something else. I guess I missed out on the good times and it seems very few photos are posted for critique and no “real” posts are made in the forum.

Lastly, I’ve actually been wondering if the site is on the verge of disappearing altogether. Yes there are some ads (which I don’t see due to “noscript” but again, mainly it’s not real people coming here.

Oh, and I wonder how long it’ll take for the spammers to start doing their thing here. I too have plenty to critique of my own. No matter how someone might poke at my stuff, I truly am my worst critic.