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Ditto, here.

I have been stalking for the last few months, popping in every once in awhile just to see if the the site moderators (if there are any) have gotten a handle on the trash post from spammers and the like, but no.
I can only “assume” that the site is not a big revenue generator for the owners, but more of a passion project, like I say, I “assume”.

I’m sure many of the “fauxs” out there that have been outed on this site have done their best to disrupt the site in any way they can, that would make up for probably half of the garbage posts on here, the others are most likely spambots or similar annoyances.

I used to maintain a wordpress site for a period of time and no sooner I published a page, it was like a big welcome mat for the spammers. Luckily for me, I had verification processes in places to minimize unwanted posts and replies to the blog/forum section.

Anyway, I still like the idea of the site and hope it cleans up and becomes useful again.