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I will take this opportunity to mention one last joke that’s been on my mind since writing this post.

If you are familiar with the comedian Louis CK you know the flavor of humor he enjoys. In a memorable interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart he was asked the address to his official website for fans to buy tickets to his upcoming show in NYC. His reply:

Louis: Yeah, that’s kind of complicated. I lost the site for awhile and my IT people managed to get it back just last week.

Jon: How do you LOSE a website?!

Louis: Well, we learned that a website which shows any amount of real traffic becomes a porn channel like 15 seconds after google publishes statistics on stuff like that. So for a while going to my site was a redirect to a pretty damn good hard-core site which I enjoyed very much once I was told my site was bringing folks there. I mean, I didn’t even tell my computer guy about it because I thought “Hell, how will I ever get back to see part 2 of the farm girl in daisy dukes with her half-sister?” But, you know, something had to be done for me to make money for child support.