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Vlad I think you just crashed someone elses thread 🙂 Anyway, I won’t comment on the technical side as you are a million years ahead of me! But I just wanted to point out a couple of things. Firstly your website was a little frustrating as once you click on the ‘thumbnail’, expecting an enlarged image, you actually get a smaller one!

Secondly, the thing I noticed the most is; your portraits are almost really nice, interesting light, sharp (I think, was hard to tell as I couldn’t really enlarge them), nice posing and great expressions!! But the compositions are very static and not very dynamic. They are all very similar and because of this similarity I felt I was going through a series of passport photos, (albeit lovely ones) and thus got a bit bored.

With a little consideration to making the comps of these more dynamic and thinking more about negative space and other compositional tools you can apply and mixing them up a little to keep the viewer visually stimulated, I think you will have a great set of portraits.