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I know I can’t fully support myself on photography alone. It works really well for those who have businesses who can hire several assistant photographers and/or editors who are all really good. It also works if it’s not the only income in the household.

The photographer I used to work for did it full-time out of her home studio and on-location. She hired me on as her assistant/editor so she could still have time with her family. Her husband had a REALLY high-paying job, so her photography income was more or less for groceries and maintaining the household. They had 3 kids and she made mostly home-cooked meals and was involved in her kids’ school activities. It worked great for them. She did also charge higher prices for prints so she’d make a killing on just one order. One shoot would usually bring in a total of at least $800. Subtract taxes and stuff but she still made a lot. She had usually 3 sessions a week. Her clients were mostly of a higher socioeconomic group too because they sent their kids to a private school so they networked and were friends with people of higher income levels. It just worked really well for their family. It doesn’t work that well for everyone though, and it’s hard to break into the right market where people will pay really high prices like that.