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Post 9/11 kind of ruined it for everyone. The inkwell dried up and everyone was climbing over each other for the very few jobs that were out there. Then things got really good and then the recession hit. I was assisting at the time with some fashion guys that were working non stop so I didn’t feel it at all. About the time that it started to get a little bit better is when I decided to stop assisting and start shooting. It was very scary. I took jobs that many would consider undercutting the competition but I had no idea what I was worth. I was still under the impression that I was making really good money considering my rates were double, sometimes triple, that of what I was making as an assistant. Now the people that are really badly undercutting the work is stuff i’m not interested in doing anymore. I’m not interested in being competitive with my rate. This is a career I intend to have until I bite it, so it’s going to have to be sustainable. When you aren’t compensated well for your work, you tend to resent it more.