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This is a nationwide issue within all creative fields, not just photography. You have people trying to build their books, get out there, get experience and then you have people that want to get paid for all of that work. Its a tough situation, but i think that it would help if we as freelancers weren’t so hell-bent on undercutting one another to get the damn job. if there was some kind on industry standard that needed to be paid to get quality work people with the means would pay it and we would have enough for everyone, However, a lot of us feel that they need to compete financially with every idiot with an DSLR and its killing the industry for everyone. It’s the same in graphic design and its maddening to spend years honing skills only to have some kid right out of design school who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground set up shop and drive market value down.  High tide raises all ships, folks.